mandag den 29. august 2011

Talent Award 2011

Friday Paw Charlie Ravn won the Talent Award at Odense Film Festival 2011 for Two Friends. Congrats, Paw! With the prize comes 10.000 DKK and of course a big amount of glory!

The animation jury motivated the Talent Award with these words:

Despite the traditional style, this director succeeds in creating a personal and very innovative short, not least because of the unconventional choice of theme.The jury was led into a credible, strong and organic world, where both images and sound supported the beauty and danger and of the tale - a grim tale - that still leaves us with faith in humanity.The film shows the director's obvious talent to communicate, not only with animation, but also with the film language as such.

Jury: Michal Hegner (DK), Helena Frank (SE), Esben Jacobsen (DK)

Read more here (Danish) or here (English).

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