tirsdag den 28. juni 2011

Three new festivals for Two Friends!

Two Friends is going to have a busy summer. It will be shown at three festivals in North America and Denmark... all of them really great.

First it plays at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Quebec, Canada, in July. Fantasia's emphasis is on genre films from all over the world and is the biggest and most important event of its kind in North America with 100.000 spectators, so we are really thrilled.

In August we return to Denmark and to Odense Film Festival - Denmark's most important short film festival.

And finally in September Two Friends will play at Fantastic Fest i Austin, Texas, USA. This is the largest genre festival in the US and specializes in horror, fantasy, sci-fi, action and "just plain fantastic movies from all around the world", as they claim. In years past they have presented the world premieres of THERE WILL BE BLOOD, APOCALYPTO & ZOMBIELAND. And now it's time for Two Friends - yeah!

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